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Virgo Moon Sign Compatibility with Aries Moon Sign

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Your Details are Never shared. He needs to feel useful, to always be committed to something to find his personal tranquility. Professional achievement can help you develop greater confidence in your value and overcome some insecurities. Apparently cold and controlled, for fear of being disappointed, once mistrust is overcome, he lets himself go to passion and strong feelings. Look for a partner who makes her feel secure, with whom to share the anxieties and worries that often assail her and above all with whom to share, a whole life. Who possesses the Moon in Virgo can have a good affinity of couple with the signs of earth, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn or with whom possesses the Moon in these signs.

The earth signs have their feet firmly planted on the ground and they look for a safe haven in the relationship, where they can find support and complicity. What a person with the Moon in Virgo really needs. A well-matched binomial also with the signs of water in particular Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces with which there are different affinities, above all as regards the need for security within relationships. Deep relationship is a bit tormented with those who have the Moon in Scorpio, whose intense feelings and tendency to manipulate can confuse the Virgin.

The combination with Gemini, Leone, Aries, Sagittarius or whoever owns the Moon in these signs can be difficult with regards to the organization of the daily life and the approach to life, which turns out to be more easy-going, good-natured and sometimes irresponsible.

Virgo Moon Sign - The Moon in Virgo

Very attentive to diet and nutrition, people with the Moon in Virgo often suffer from chronic gastrointestinal disorders, slowing down of nutrition, constipation. Your road to success, however, leads you to where the detailed investigation of the details and the scientific analysis that are proper to the Moon in Virgo and the attention to the known and knowable facts, the prerogative of the Sun in Aries.

Lawyer, doctor, judge, scientist or businessman whose chances of success depend on the capacity for analysis are the professions in which you can hope to excel.

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But at the base there must be only one cultural background, continue your regular studies up to the university, if possible, otherwise it continues on your own: your deeply rooted curiosity makes you a perfect self-taught. Those born under the Sign of Aries and Moon in Virgo, under this configuration never cease to learn and want to learn; you are constantly looking for facts, knowledge, information, details.

And putting all these facts together allows you to see every detail from a wider and more general point of view.

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You take nothing for granted; try to always give your best and do not tolerate negligence in those who work next to you, or with you, or for you. You are a strict but impartial judge. You are probably inclined to judge friends and neighbors as well, because you have a Puritan heart Moon in Virgo and lack of familiarity with human weaknesses Sun in Aries. In this regard, a certain impetus in your way of doing can deceive you and make you look frivolous or extravagant, but in reality it is very difficult for you to get out of the ambit of a strict observance of the conventions. People to whom the moon is in Virgo are often tense and nervous.

You have a need for everything to be perfect, which is often not understood by others. You enjoy sharing information. Login Or Register.

Customer care 10am — 6pm, India. Moon in Virgo. They look for small things in their life to seek happiness and contentment. It is the small and insignificant matters in life like plucking flowers from a garden that give them real happiness. It is in their basic nature to not only take care of themselves, but to take care of others as well.

Thus, such individuals are of extremely helpful nature and will be first to lend a helping hand to those in distress. These individuals love to have a routine in their life. They cannot do without a routine and if it is missing in their lives, they tend to feel that something is amiss in their life and they are not in their true elements due to it. They tend to act in a fussy manner and are often labelled as complainers as they cannot function properly without having a routine in their life.

Due to such characteristics, they love to take on such jobs or tasks in which lot of detailing is required or which has a great scope for micromanagement of things and situations.

Personality traits

Such individuals are always averse to public displays of affection and most of the times get repulsed because of that. Such individuals tend to be shy in meeting up new people. However, once they get to know them and gradually open up, they are in their own elements and strike a good rapport with them.

Additionally, they are born sceptics in nature and tend to be over critical of themselves as well. Would like to know more about yourself or a beloved?

Virgo Moon Sign Compatibility

Get a clear personalised, Birth Chart Analysis — Janampatri. This unique report will help you to know about important aspects of your life — the opportunities you should not miss and the difficult periods that you should be careful of. Positive Qualities Individuals with the moon in Virgo are simple people with no frills attached to them. They prefer to live a quite unassuming life far from the public sphere. However, they are very helpful in nature and love to help those who are in need. Such individuals tend to live their life in a set routine and seldom deviate from it.

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Virgo Compatibility

They have an eye for detail and are extremely dexterous in the micromanagement of things and situations. Thus, they usually love such types of jobs that require care of small things to be taken and excel in that. Such individuals generally are trustworthy in nature and also are dependable in nature.

They tend to grasp the entire dynamics of a situation quite easily and thus are able to give relevant advice that is advantageous. They tend to react fast in a situation of crisis and due to their practicality, crisis situations are successfully taken care of. Thus, they are handy people to have around and combined with their helpful nature, are always useful to people.