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Bascially they serve as visual aspectarians.

This information special shows the various dials and th Related Categories: Information Specials. A listing of planetary midpoints in a natal chart, used for locating the most sensitive areas of transits Since the first edition of this book by Michael Munkasey was published in , it has been a widely used reference book for many astrologers and their students who have recognized the value and importance in horoscope interpretation of the midpoints--the A five year listing of Solar Arc Directions compared to the natal chart, based on the formula of a degree-for-a-day advancement of the natal positions Related Categories: Books , Ephemeris.

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The New American Ephemeris This decade ephemeris features daily longitudes for the planets, as well as 5-day intervals for the asteroids and Eris. There are daily Declinations for the planets.

With no Quicksilver calendars, you will need the Daily Aspectarian set for Greenwich, UK time to show you which aspects are happening for each day. We are taking advance orders for the ephemeris.

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Order yours now to get it as soon as it is in print. Maria Kay SImms' first book is back in print.

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Enhance your Bible studies with an examination of how astrology fits in with the Biblical ages, and how each patriarch represents a different astrological age. NCGR , is a nationally-known astrologer. She began her study of astrology with the Uranian system in and has taught, lectured, and practiced Uranian Symmetrical Astrology techniques for more than 30 years.

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Madalyn has written for a variety of publications, StarIQ. She has helped hundreds of people make the most of their Solar Fire program through her best-selling DVD series and thousands more every day at Astrolabe.

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