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What a wonderful source which you provided here. India is a great land, many personalities took birth in our land, jai bharath matha. I am a stringent follower of Suresh Ji. As everybody here knows vastu affects every life. I would like to tell you that not everyone is an expert in vastu. He is a superb human being, his knowledge is tremendous and the most beautiful thing that I noticed is that he has a feeling that all of his clients should prosper and lead a very happy life.

The way he explains about vastu is unique and extraordinary. Everybody has a dream to be big in their profession I kindly request you all, to avail the services of this nobleman to lead a hassle-free life. His commitment to his field is exceptional. I can guarantee he will never let his clients down. Suresh sir please please keep up your work may God keep you in good health and bless you with a long life.

Thank you - Hafeez - Bangalore. I am Ankit and I came to know Suresh Ji from the net. It took me just one single mail and a call to know that Suresh Ji is not only a professional in his field but a good human being too. He prays and works for the welfare of people. He is a trusted person when it comes for professional Vaastu consultancy. I was surprised by the amount of service and work he offered me for a minimal fee - Ankit - Jaipur - Rajasthan.

I was surprised by the amount of service and work he offered me for a minimal fee. I cannot pay for him to come to my country for his consultancy but his precious advice while assisting me in choosing a plot among many and making corrections in the floor plans, gave me lots of motivation to move forward in the construction of my house.

I am indebted towards him. To all those people wishing to have Vaastu consulting, I would firmly recommend Suresh Ji for this. He is a man of honor and word. Trust him and his work. After all the articles he has published speak for themselves. Read them and trust them. They have been conceived and developed by Suresh Ji from many years of experience and research.

God bless you Suresh Ji and thank you from the bottom of my heart. He wonderfully prayed for me and helped and guided me thoroughly through the right selection of plots. I am really indebted to him and I recommend others to contact him for any vaastu consultations. May God bless you guruji - Vikash Greedharee - Mauritius. Suresh is a wonderful, prompt and extremely knowledgeable. The website is very helpful as well. His answers to modern questions such as solar panels, pool heat and cabanas are very sensible and demonstrates that he can flawlessly accommodate modern technology with vaastu.

He is very patient and helped me understand the reasoning behind the principles. I contacted Suresh with the desperate hope that despite the long distance, time difference and lack of building blueprints I could get some help on my west facing property. My family and I have been enduring many health and financial difficulties since inhabiting the property and we cannot endure anymore. I read through so many different Vaastu websites and found many Vaastu consultants, but was immediately impressed by the quality and quantity of information here.

While the information is very detailed I still had some doubts pertaining to my specific case and was surprised to hear back from Suresh Ji so quickly. He responded promptly and with full professionalism, and each time I had a further query or difficulty in supplying the information he needed he carefully guided me in order to move quickly, decisively, and reach the goal of bettering the Vaastu of our living, health, and prosperity.

My family and I have deep gratitude for all that Suresh has generously given in his service. Due to great financial restraints, we were in a very difficult position yet this was never a problem for him. Suresh tirelessly and diligently worked on the Vaastu consultation for our home and gave us various options to better our position.

I can fully recommend the excellence and experience he offers, and if more people were to take his services right from the beginning in selecting an appropriate plot and then drawing up the building blueprints, many difficulties could be avoided - Rajaleela VS - Mexico I had contacted Sureshji for my southwest facing property as I was facing a lot of upheaval in my personal life. Sureshji, being a thorough professional and a gentleman was gracious enough to accept the work of suggesting remedies.

He was kind enough to explain all the details he would require and also guided me with a lot of patience. After an email exchange of close to 35 emails over the past week, I write this with a lot of happiness and pleasure that Sureshji explained and suggested simple and doable remedies for my house.

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I do not have enough words to thank him. He has helped not just me but a whole family. This is a social service that he has taken up and is doing full justice to it.

Rasi palan Astrology services from Horoscope Explorer Magesh iyer

I am amazed at his truthfulness as well as his determination. He had promised me that he would be able to suggest something within a short duration and he kept his word. Sureshji we need more people like you to bring back our trust into this science of Vaastu Shastra - Shubhlekha - Mumbai. I have know Suresh Garu for the last 5 years. I consider him more as a family member than a Vastu consultant. We trust him immensely. He has helped me with three of our homes in different locations. He is very honest and direct with his suggestions.

Vastu of home and office is very important for growth and peace of mind. Home vastu impacts personal life and future of our children as well. We build may be maximum of handful homes in our life. Involve a person like Suresh garu at the beginning. As early as picking up the plot of the house. The surroundings are as important as the inside itself. The earlier you involve him, the better result for you - Anitha S - Bangalore. In this present world, to find a 'Swan' that can easily separate milk from water, is slightly challenging.

In my pursuit of finding one, I 'fumbled' upon Suresh from SubhaVaastu. In the first place, I am happy I got acquainted to this SME who happens to be a repository of related knowledge. Humility and commitment personified, thy name is Suresh; sans any dram of exaggeration. I should say he took it in most humble and patient manner.

Given my compelling and very-small timeline for zeroing in on a property, I should have pushed Suresh for a quick review True, we are in T20 world; gone are the test match comforts. He was patient enough to take all my questions, and importantly, revert in a very short time to help me meet my commitment. Would we not be content or happy , if all your expectations are met?

I write to thank Suresh for all that he did to me and does to each of us. One counsel I have is that he should also be aware of his 'peer-environment'. In this world where people judge you by your 'charges' - Dhanamoolam Idam Jagat : - he could make his availability slightly dearer, so as to even win that section of people too who feel 'the higher you pay, the better you get'. My two cents though. Earnestly, pray God Bless Suresh with tons of success, good health and wealth! Aa no Bhadrah, krtavo yantu Viswatah!

Hi All, I got a very quick response for my questions from Suresh Ji. He knows about USA house plans very well that helps him to come up with a proper remedies for the vastu defect at minimal expenses. Thank you so much for your services would appreciate your prompt responses and keep helping people in need - Kumari - Seattle - Washington - USA. Sureshji, I truly appreciate the great service you are providing for the benefit of society and humanity - Amit - Dallas - Texas - USA Dear Sir, I must congratulate on the very simple and easy to follow website made by yourselves.

I am enthusiastic vastu follower and over the years met many professionals and got many tips too. Samir - Mombasa - Kenya. Respected Suresh Ji, I am more than felicitous to present my review on your genus and ecstatic assistance for my vastu requirements. You have a kind heart and doing the services by taking care of your client's life. I am delighted to address your candor and upright services. Most of the services in our today's life was solely corrupted and not reliable to judge as both were not with on the same table. Online is pretty risky, but you made it so enduring.

Still, some people on this land has great features of securing public by avoiding swindle bamboozle, I vex with many of such nature in every field. After having an interaction with you, my faith was randomly improved. Thank you sir for your swift services - Sundar - Jaipur. I want to post my experience here, as my small contribution to spread the kindness of a person Sri Suresh who has utmost integrity and ethical values I am from Bangalore and have been roaming around in the horrible traffic for 6 months to find a genuine site.

However, I have a question and since I do not have time, I had to call Sri Suresh due to an urgent need and my interaction with him is so pleasant and his patience in explaining is commendable. Usually, I faced vasthu consultants who do not even talk until the money is reflected in their accounts. But when I called Sri Suresh, he not only spends time to understand my query but gave some guidance on the ideal way to get the plot assessed for Vasthu.

I was impressed with him taking time with a random call and he kindly denied any consultation fee. This speaks a lot on his ethical values, passion towards Vastu and a strong will to serve people genuinely - Prasad - Bangalore. We planned in detail of our house layout by learning from subhavasthu tips which is very informative and logic. I am N Raj an engineer studying and practicing vastu for last 20 years. My close friend's and relatives whenever they shifting to rent a house or constructing a new house, they will ask my advice.

I will try to advise them friendly with my very little knowledge. When started construction of my own house, a lot of doubts in my mind. When I try to contact local experts, I am disappointed with their advice and which is not convincing. Then I started searching on the website, I found shubavastu. I felt that it is the best website for vastu. I contacted Suresh. He is a wonderful person. I found a Guru in him. NR Bhat - Bangalore. Dear Mr Suresh, Sincerely, sincerely appreciate you and your team providing a high-resolution picture of Lord Vishnu.

I had found the picture on your website as a wallpaper download. You and your team, kindly worked hard to provide a higher resolution image for printing. We managed to print Lord Vishnu into a 6ft cutout. Really appreciate the time you and your team put in to create this file. The 6 ft cut out turned out beautiful! I am grateful for your honesty and your concern for my security. Once you uploaded the file to the place I had requested, you immediately asked me to change the password to ensure security. He picked up the phone at once and patiently answered my queries. He also asked me to email him.

He responded within a few minutes to my email queries too and never once spoke about otherthan vastu concerned matter. We find very rarely such people. Thank you Mr Suresh, God bless you and give more energy to continue to help people in need - Sailaxmi Gandhi - Bangalore hello. Im balaji 23 yr old. I see it as my luck to find a way to contact you for an advice - Balaji - Krishnagiri - Tamilnadu. Never revealed our information to anybody. It's one of the great asset in his professional career.

Exclusively trusted person. When we started taking consultancy from this person, we never used to thought to reach others for any of our consultancy services in future, because, we belongs to one of the reputed family in the city. We need to hide our complete details of vastu consultancy services. No need to say any reminder to him to protect our identity. He do the rest. Another best option to select Sureshji is, he is always thinking about our safety, future security. He is our wellwisher, no doubt, he would become one of our family member when we followed his guidance, thanks a lot sir - Kumar Reddy - Bangalore.

As a working professional, we switch job time to time to grow in our career. With the change in job we try to move to a new house to make communication convenient. I recently had the same situation and changing house is always a question in my mind, as it may disturb the balance and harmony of our lives. So, while seeking help I stumbled up on Subhavaastu. Thanks a bunch to Subhavaastu! Furthermore, I look forward to taking help from Subhavastu. I recommend Subhavastu. I have gone through the SubhaVaastu website for building a house.

It is more informative and a common man can understand vastu chart and detailed explanation which they have given in the website was really useful for all kinds of vastu support for different applications like house, Plots, Flats, shops, factories, Hotels, and Hospitals, etc. I greatly appreciated that you provide free services for those affected by Cyclone Hud Hud hit Visakhapatnam, Chennai rains and calamity people of Kollam, etc. I really appreciate all your service, especially for educating the layman in vastu.

Please let me know the next steps. After going through this site I find very informative and most helpful as it covered all the basic points of vastu. This will help people like me who are looking for reliable information. I have some concerns regarding the Agri land that we planning to purchase, but it has southeast well in it, some of them saying it's good and some are saying it's not good, but this well only providing water to the farm.

When I was in confused state of mind what to decide, I've contacted you and trusted as a great person in Vastu Shastra. Your advices are really valuable and I felt very happy after followed your inputs and I was amazed by your kind response and conversation. All your hard work and respect towards the clients are amazing. I'm impressed with your valuable suggestions,I will definitely recommend all my friends and relatives to take guidance from Suresh sir before making any decisions related to any purchase. All the information that you've shared is truly helpful for all. I appreciate all your hard work, sincerity towards work and dedicated services to the customers.

Thank you very much for your help. I will work with you for all my future needs. Once again thank you Suresh sir for your amazing services : - Thanks - Natarajan - Chennai. Suresh garu thanks for sharing your hard earned knowledge. Very pleased with your service. You are literally obsessed with the subject.

I really like the way you take all the things into consideration before giving the final suggestions. That makes a lot of difference in your approach. Look forward to work with you in the future - Siddha Reddy - Hyderabad. Subha Vastu is a good vastu site. It provided me the necessary information on vastu shastra and along with it,were remedies given. The site is easy to use and the information is given clearly. Thank you very much Subha Vastu - Anand - Bangalore I came across this website when I was looking for information regarding my built up house on north- west plot.

This will immensely help people like me who are looking for reliable information. This will not only remove our doubts of vastu it will also give confidence in making necessary changes to our house. I strongly recommend this website who ever are looking for serious solutions for vastu problems.

You have also helping lakhs of people for flood and natural disaster and calamity condition. You are Excellent vastu expert, I am constructing my house according to their informations based on their personal vastu advice. Completely humble and gentle, more over highly knowledgeable. I wish you all the best. Thanking you - Anil Gupta - New Delhi. Dear suresh garu, I have been following your website and I purchased your books from store by directly enquiring from you long back.

It is really a wonderful initiative from you and there is lot of information we can learn from your books about Vaastu. The explanations are given by pictures which make us understand the Vaastu easily. I hope you will continue this in future also and benefit all those who are in need. Thank you for your help regarding vaastu. Some of my basic doubts are solved by reading the information in this website and i also read your books, I almost have all your books. Thanking you sir - Dr.

Shaik Babu - Guntur. I am a regular visitor to subhavaastu. I am looking your website whenever we have Doubts regarding Vassthu. Mukesh Pandit - Noida - India Dear Sir, I was planning to construct a new home since 6 months, I prepared the draft plans for my new home with the help of information provided on your website. Your website www. Thank you for providing the updated information - Charan Reddy - Hyderabad.

They responded very quickly and we got what we are looking for w. The way they explained the issue is quite ok and we follwed their advice. They provide detail explanation on the complete picture and analyze the problem and come up with solution. I am going with them as I said. Nice and quick response and accurate - Kiran - Guntur. When I searched internet for a website where I could get a help and guidance on vaastu I came across subhavaastu.

In our life when we find our self in a place where we need someone to help and guide us to build or renovate our house as per vaastu just trust Subhavaastu. Someone who helps and guides like a family. Trust comes on someone who understands our situation and helps us with responsibility and I trust subhavaastu for that reason. I would say Subhavaastu was Reliable and exceptional in their work.

My best wishes for them- W. I stumbled upon this website while I was searching for west facing plot vasthu. The way he explained the requirements for a perfect vasthu plan is commendable and is understood by a layman. Not only that, his translation of vassthu works in regional languages made me avail his service. I went through his "street focus and their effects in Telugu" version and felt that my search for a perfect consultant is over and I don't have to search more. Looking forward for his association in my future projects - Shashank - Hyderabad This website has helped me to understand Vaastu for the house I am going to buy.

Thank you much for your Analysis. Suresh garu doing a great job. I would recommend to everyone. Thank you Suresh garu. They have a very good collection of all God Picure and I found the same as I required. Talked the Mr. Same is there website www. God Bless him for their humanity - R. Mehta - Ghaziabad Dear Sir, I have been following some websites about vastu and found yours to be very practical covering most aspects in a pragmatic manner.

I found that very impressive. Bless your entire team to be of more service to the community at large. I have just one question to ask of you. Request you to clarify. Please let me know if the main door direction of degree SW is fine as shown in the attached figure. Thank you very much for your time and effort in replying to my question. Think of SureshJi fees as an investment in yourself, your family happiness and prosperity and you would never think twice.

He even donate part of your fees to Siddhivinayak Temple, Mumbai. I mean who does that in this day and age. All I can say to Suresh Ji, keep up the good work as always. Dear Mr. Suresh, I am pleased to inform you that like the way you provided consultation for my home and explained to me. I really appreciate the diagrams that you prepared for my home with pictures and diagram.

No doubt in my mind, you are the best Vastu expert, I appreciate your dedication by building and maintaining a very informative website that is helping thousands of people across the globe. Also, I sensed when I talk to you and when I was dealing with you, you follow honesty and integrity and you have a sincere desire to help others. I will recommend you to my friends in case they are looking for such services - Basant - Dammam - Saudi Arabia Hello SubhaVaastu, greetings from Malaysia. I came across this website when I was looking for information regarding south west plot.

After going through this site I found very informative and most helpful as it covered all the basic points of vastu. To be honest, I found vastu rules from your site was helpful and super clear. I have managed to plan vasthu for my house and I am definitely recommend my friends and relatives to take blessings from Suresh Master before making any decisions related to any house purchase. As we see vastu plays an important role in everyone life, your suggestion definitely guides to overcome some of the situation before going through the adverse effects.

I felt that lot more things can be learned by accessing your website by anybody. By putting my hands together, I thank you for your vastu services to the community - Ganaesan - Malaysia Best Vastu website I have seen, while searching vastu guidelines for my home in internet, I have discovered subhavaastu. Suresh sir was a very good vastu expert, I was amazed by his kind response and conversation. This website is now my top priority for vastu shastra. Thier free service is really helped me a lot more than what I have expected.

Finally I have much satisfied in Subha vaastu. Most responsible, first time in my life seeing such responsible person, he is highly knowledgeable. He never exploit us. He never mislead us. His website is a dictionary for vastu shastra requirements. Surprise by seeing this huge abundant library on the internet. An Excellent vastu expert, I was googling for informations and found Subha vastu. Based on their personal vastu advice, we built the house.

Suresh Ji is an excellent vastu expert. I write this review after completing our new house. We feel loving, harmonious and joyful energy in this new house. It's a blessing that we found subhavastu. A trustworthy website - Miraben - Versailles - Paris - France. One of my friend Daya recommended to visit this website for vastu consultant services in USA.

I got Mr. Suresh consultancy, he is not only an expert, but genuine consultant, which we never find such honest guy in this commercial world now. While in the consultancy with him, I clearly observed his desire of helping gullible residents. I am sure, in all my future vastu requirements, I wish to get his guidance only. Altruistic service!!! I know Suresh garu from the past 8 years. I trust only few people can count on fingers, Suresh garu is one among them.

Finding a right person is next to impossible. Recently I showed him a property in US, his expert narration was impressive again like ever and blindfolded we signed up a house based on his vaastu review. Dear Suresh, I am a regular visitor to subhavaastu. I am looking your website when ever we have Doubts regarding Vassthu. It is a Very good Site, People must see your website regularly , and you made a very good climate for future Innovation regarding Vassthu with free of Cost.

I know it is very much the day of the day vasthu is most important.

Paul Satyaranjan

If our house is not right, we will have all the problems. Kavitha Muthu Lakshmi - Singapore. I connected with Sureshji through his website, which attracted me due to the reviews. He insisted on a personal visit to Indonesia and I obliged. We did a couple of our properties and are very very satisfied with his recommendations and suggestions. On one of our sites , he pointed out something which is something no ordinary consultant can. Again this proved to me his calibre and capability I have no hesitation in recommending Sureshji to anyone who believes in Vastu.

Sureshji is an honest, simple, humble person and uses and spreads the knowledge he has gained. I wish him all the best in whatever he does. I strongly recommend this website who ever are looking for serious solutions for your vastu problems. Thank you Sureshji for sharing and giving this valuable information. The website you can really trust. As I have been searching for Vaastu tips for my new home, I found Subhavaastu. I have found this website very useful and complete. Suresh sir is not only expert in Vaastu but he is friendly also.

I wish all the best for him and the website - Shakya - Nepal. The one and only site which is the eye opener for every resident on the internet. I am obeying this site from many days. The whole articles with images are remarkably convenient for the browsers who truly requires helpful means of vastu shastra. This vastu website subhavaastu. Very unique and lovely aggregate of unfettered assistance to various sectors of the communities.

Dear Suresh sir, Wish you happy and prosperous new year I was browsing your website and found very good information. I have a compass with me and I don't know how to hold that to find the right directions. I am living with my wife in Melbourne recently got married in may First I would like to appreciate Subha Vaastu efforts in delivering vaastu services throughout the world. The articles which they published in their online platform are very useful to check the vaastu of our house.

I strongly recommend to seek the advice of Subha Vaastu to everyone who are looking to check vaastu before building their own house. Thank you. I am writing this review after careful observation over several months. I was a pseudo believer of vasthu. I constructed independent house in I didn't want to take a chance so I read vasthu books available at that time and also checked with engineer who claimed he knows vasthu.

My plot is north facing plot and I observed several houses and finally I constructed the house which I believed vasthu compliant. Once I moved to my new house, things started not going well. I was thinking it is just part of life and didn't pay much attention on vasthu even after my wife repeatedly telling that there is some issue with the house.

There was absolutely not much progress in terms of career or financial status. Money is just coming and going somewhere and there were not many savings. With repeated suggestions from my wife, I started approaching vasthu pandits. Many said there are no defects in the house. Some suggested yantras and small modifications and we did change and done as per them. However there are no results.

More over these pandits tried to mint money each time I consult them. After going through the Internet I came across this site www. The amount of details presented in the site are impressive and I believed he must be a real pro in this subject. I have purchased his book also. I consulted Suresh garu and he looks very honest and practical. However I was bit hesitant on the pricing. While pricing looks bit high compared to local vasthu pandits who didn't provided any results but considering the fact that he has to travel from long distance to reach me and stay in hotel etc Ultimately that comes to his hand is nothing more than the local people.

Finally I have called him. The way he analyzed the house and identified the issues is amazing. I couldn't believe that there were so many things that none of the other vasthu professionals could identified. My house had Northeast cut in building for car parking which I see almost every house that I have seen are similar. Most of the rooms were not in proper shape either extended or cut in some direction. The doors were not in proper directions.

Another important thing mentioned is how cleanliness in the house brings positive energy. He mentioned not to consult other professional and confuse further and in order to get the results I had to wait several months. We made the changes as per his advice. Unlike other vasthu people his services are absolutely professional, prompt and excellent. He addressed all my concerns promptly during the remodeling and answered calls and did visited house and reviewed the final changes without any additional money.

He replies promptly even after several months. I worked in service industry for 20 years and dealt with many individuals and companies but I never came across such a customer first service oriented professional in my life. Really hats off to him! Not but not least Nayar Exports Mechanical Parts Man.. Dream Can India Visa and Immigration.. Pathak Property Advisor Property Advisor.

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