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In fact, your focus for a while may need to be on recognizing where your inner realm and the divine intersect with the environment you can see. Scorpio You have the innate skills you need to further your career goals. What might not be completely abundant right now is specific information. Therefore, for the next few weeks, make a point of listening and take time to do some quiet research.

Be sure to focus on verifiable and applicable facts, rather than hearsay or speculation, especially where office politics might be involved. Use what you learn to help you consider your overall direction, and note who is likely to support you in your aims. Sagittarius The next month or so will likely afford you an opportunity to get in contact with your inner compass with unusual clarity and concreteness.

The Wheel: Sex and Astrology

Much communication in this realm tends to be rather nebulous or difficult to parse. The trick will be to let the message develop in its own time. With Mars retrograde and Mercury about to be, the information may well appear in parts, or drip through gradually.

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At the end of August both planets will be direct, the present eclipse season will be over, and you should have a much more decisive picture. In the meantime, keep your eyes open for clues and concentrate on making the most of each day, not forgetting to make room for fun and relaxation. Capricorn Retrograde phases are usually a time of turning within, retracing steps and reviewing past progress.

The thing to avoid is getting back into former habits, or stuck in a groove. Now that you seem to be more keenly aware of the effects of particular early life experiences, you can resolve to spend all the rest of your days unhindered by them. Treat any occasional stumbling as a teaching moment.

Better still, venture outside and spend time in places and in company that helps you fall in love with the world again. Your sign is thought of by some as detached; but you understand that in reality your heart holds room for more than most. You know how to love unconditionally and generously in a way that perhaps no-one else really does.

That means you have an example to offer to the rest of us. Be unabashed about it. Pisces There is a very specific kind of healing that comes with true, devoted service; a benediction that unblocks the barriers we erect between our human and divine selves. We are all, to a certain extent, creatures of habit; and when our carefully built lives are shaken up, it can feel like being adrift.

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The act of service is like an anchor; the purpose inherent within it is like the North Star and the constellations pointing the way. Hold on to what you know to be true. Hold on to the true North within your mind, that which guides you impeccably when every external measure seems to change or fail. You know yourself best of all, and you know the worth and the beauty of your mission on this planet.

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Jul I am taking this too personally. It's making me nervous. I feel like the character Tweak in a South Park episode from a couple of years ago, who was freaked out over the Korean nuclear missile thing between Trump and Kim Jong-un. His friend Craig suggests he do something rather than just worry -- like bake cupcakes and send them to the Korean leader.

Jesus Christ: Astrological Article and Chart

So he does, and Kim loves them, and Trump gets mad Are You My Mother? Read More Mars retrogrades happen every other year, and each is distinctive.

It's not just the sign where it happens that defines the unique property of the retrograde, but primarily what is happening with the outer planets that describe the invisible background layer of existence. Chiron in Aries: Exploring The Ground of Being New York, March 29, By Eric Francis Coppolino Chiron will be arriving in Aries on April 17th after seven years of Uranus in this sign, including the Uranus-Pluto square and the Uranus-Eris conjunction -- an era that has manifested a pandemic of identity chaos and a corresponding destabilization of society on nearly every level.

Saturn's three-year run through Sagittarius ended Dec.

Moon Astrology Symbol - Characteristics, Planet Energy and More – Labyrinthos

I maintain, however, that most of the effect of retrograde Mercury is on our minds, which are electrical and magnetic devices. This explains how one's disk drive might fail, and one might lose a check between the pages of a magazine that arrived in the same day's mail. The emphasis of our lives changes. History takes major turns, if only we would notice them.

Well, it will be difficult not to notice, and perhaps more difficult to care. But that's what our lives are about now: the quest and the struggle to care, to really care. Planet Waves Backstage Pass This is one of our highest levels of service, investment and engagement. We need a wider, more human context.

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There Is a Future, and You Are It New York, October 26, By Eric Francis Coppolino Particularly since the total solar eclipse, it's been one national crisis after the next, whether born of intent, neglect, or some seemingly natural process. A series of major hurricanes, followed by a vast swath of northern California burning up, interlaced with threats of nuclear war, escalation of the war in Afghanistan, revelation of a war in Niger and of American military Core Community Membership Planet Waves memberships are designed to help you integrate what you're seeing and hearing in the world around you with your own growth and awareness.

I think most people view this positively -- nations actually agreed on something. I say that without cynicism. With his grandson Andrew as my study buddy and collaborator, and Marshall's son Eric as my ad-hoc grad school professor, I've made some progress that I will summarize for you in this article; but first I want to look at the astrology of the moment For those who are uncertain of whether astrology has any validity, this is a good time to pay attention.

Eclipses are one of the very best laboratory-of-life ways to observe astrology. You would just need to associate what you notice with the eclipses. After a long career as an investigative reporter covering corporate crime, Eric went from the front page to the horoscope page. Today he's the editor of Planet Waves, a daily astrology magazine Let's see: there was Sean Spicer, Trump's spokesman, claiming -- during Passover -- that Hitler didn't use chemical weapons.

New York, Feb. It's just that these flesh-eating zombies are everywhere: you know, the ones who still think Barack Obama was born in Kenya, or who have Confederate flags flying from their pickup trucks in Connecticut , or think that all three million people who voted illegally in California were undocumented Mexicans Well, someone did: urban legend is that it all started with a Facebook event page that went viral, and a permit for 1, protesters.

Stranger things have happened. The issue came up because recently, multiple news reports said that Trump, the Republican nominee for president, had repeatedly asked in a briefing with his potential military advisors why we don't use all these nuclear weapons we have.