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The electrifying nature of the gemstone magnetises the whole being of the wearer whereby, they are charged with a greater capability of awareness, keenness, clarity, concentration and creativity. The electrical charge energises and stimulates and eventually creates a voltage that runs through the entire body.

It enhances the relationship section of the Scorpio. It helps the individual to effectively deal with the problem areas in relationships through the cultivation of the constancy, loyalty and the faithfulness factor. These are all ingredients of friendship and love.

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Once these are taken proper care of, the Scorpions can lead a fulfilling life spelling peace and success. The strong influence of Topaz has a balancing effect on the nervous system and also on the solar plexus. It thereby sooths the anxiety caused by the conflict and disharmony arising from the body and mind.

The Topaz is therefore considered as an excellent aid in cases of nervous trauma, mental breakdown and exhaustion. Topaz can take care of the health issues that are naturally associated with the zodiac sign of the Scorpio. Some of the common ones are as follows.

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Topaz can also take care of the perpetual high tide of emotions thereby making the wearer a more balanced person. It adds to the strength inherent in the character and releases tension too. All these change the life for the better.

Beryl is the name of group of minerals that include aquamarine. Besides being identified specifically as the astrological gemstone for Scorpio, beryl was the traditional birthstone for the month of October in the old Italian and Russian calendar. This Scorpio birthstone is a precious stone that occurs in all colors except green, with which the mineral is called emerald. Beryl is believed to bring cheerfulness, which may be much needed by the often solemn and serious Scorpio-born person.

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This Scorpio gemstone is also said to enrich the love of marriage, which to the passionate Scorpio people is very important. Beryl in the color yellow, otherwise known as golden beryl, is representative of the Scorpio zodiac sign in that the Scorpio stone is believed to deepen sincerity. Amethyst is the talismanic stone for Scorpio. Talismans are amulets or other pieces of jewelry believed to grant their wearer magical powers.

Scorpio talismans are engraved on amethyst, which is the violet variety of quartz.

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Aquamarine is the traditional birthstone for the month of October in the old Arabic, Hebrew, Polish and Roman calendar. The Scorpio birthstone is a specific type of beryl. If emerald is green, this birthstone for Scorpio is the blue or turquoise variety of beryl. The symbols of this sign, in addition to the obvious Scorpion, are an Eagle and a Serpent. The Eagle usually stands for the mature Scorpio.

When Scorpio becomes more mature and spiritual, it is transformed into an Eagle that soars above all creatures.

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The Eagle is watching and learning from above, being now much closer to God. The less mature Scorpios can be symbolized with the Serpent. They are by all means dangerous, but tend to avoid confrontations, unless something threatens them or their family.

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The main characteristic of people born under the sign of Scorpio are intensity, invincible will, magnetic personality , strong determination and thoroughness. They use these character traits to carry out their desires, goals and intentions, whether good or bad. Scorpios have strong nature, powerful energy and positive methodical approach to everything. Scorpios tend to take positions of authority, some of their great strengths being leadership, motivation and the power of resistance. They always demand respect, even from people who have hard time understanding their intentions.

They never give up; they are never discouraged and never afraid of danger when they want to help others.

Scorpio is sometimes referred to as the sign of the physicians because they possess excellent diagnostic skills. All these great character traits have a flip side. Some Scorpios can be destructive, malicious, sarcastic, cruel, lurid and domineering. Their temper can be impulsive and they are inclined to take offence. Even though they can be quite negative, they have a great self-control. Their strong passions take over whenever they are badly affected. Like the Scorpion, they are capable of stinging with their tongue.

Being a water sign, the main battleground of Scorpio will be in the sphere of emotions, and they will generally have very strong desires. Health related issues are usually rheumatism and problems with the lower organs such as hemorrhoids.