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The time is right for taking up some intense physical exercise. Lifting weights is a viable option. If you have been in two minds about starting any training or entering any athletic event, sign up now and you will be rewarded by a sense of wellness and energy.

July 7th Element

The exercise will also help you to see your own mind and feelings clearly and can help you to take an important decision in your life regarding your relationship or career. Today, you may need to adjust your attitude towards your loved one. He or she is likely to be under stress and may even take out the stress on you. If you retaliate in kind, the situation will degenerate. Understand compatibility with love horoscope. Check love percentage using love calculator. You have the power to accomplish anything you want to!

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Do not pay attention to what others think of you. They pretend to criticize you just to make you feel low, deep down within they know that you are a talented soul. To unfold what lies further ahead, take a look at your Cancer weekly and Cancer monthly horoscope. To read Cancer horoscope in Hindi, see Kark rashifal today. Related Links. Every sign was influenced by the recent eclipsed New Moon, and the profound shift in perspective it triggered. If so, investigate these. What you learn will cheer you up considerably.

Take this one step, if not one hour, at a time. Forcing issues will achieve nothing. Instead, relax. While, mostly, this particular characteristic is no more than that, you worry certain individuals could unwittingly take their advice. Discuss, your concerns frankly. But, at times, even you wish somebody would take over. Let go.

JULY 7 ZODIAC – Ultimate Guide to Birthday Horoscope – ZODIAC

In this case, destiny has things well in hand. While the first has taken place, the second and for you, more powerful, is the Capricorn eclipsed Full Moon on the 16th. Take it in stages. For ages somebody you know cares about you has been making thrilling promises. But nothing has happened. Those feelings are correct.

Long before science analysed eclipses and described the reason they take place, those who observe the heavens have recognised them as turning points, for the world in general but, especially for those born under the sign in which they take place. By no means are you secretive. Yet, you see no point in dwelling on situations that are increasingly part of the past. For now, wait and watch.

The best way to learn about these is to experiment, to try them out. That seems to be the case with the recent solar eclipse, which accented the structure of your life. Discuss the facts, point by point, their mood will improve right away. Living well is an art, one that requires both a thoughtful approach to all you do but, equally, good timing. And judging by the arrival of Venus, which is all about beauty, fortune and love, to join the Sun in Cancer on your birthday, these will be an important part of your life now, and over the coming year. When moments that involve such matters arise, invest time in exploring your options, then select those that will bring the most lasting of joys.


Tempting as one particular arrangement is, adopt a slow pace. Ignore them. And rapidly. But you rightly insist that with so much in transition, arrangements are bound to need a rethink anyway. The trick is to make sure that everybody understands this from the outset. Only after that should you view arrangements as final. However, during this period of frequent and rapid change, you can take advantage of the swift pace of events to discuss matters that, clearly, will change and change again, which means nobody, even the individual in question, can be right every time.

While your desire to sidestep these is understandable, avoiding them will take considerable time and energy. Standing your ground is important, especially when you know the facts and want things done right. Adopt a flexible approach now, and maintain it all month. That alone is annoying. The last thing you want to do is upset anybody.

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Learn from this. The recent eclipsed New Moon actually took place a couple of days ago, but because it accented your point of view, and especially the need to discuss certain controversial matters, by no means is everything settled. What you learn in the process of discussion will clarify matters, for you and others. About three times a year, your ruling planet Mercury goes retrograde, that is, appears to be moving backwards in the heavens.

This occurs from Sunday the 7th until 1 August. While this period is renowned for the errors it triggers, often the resulting investigation can lead to powerful, and helpful, insights. At least consider these. Bear that in mind when certain individuals advise caution. They view life from a very different perspective.

Tempting as it is to invest your thoughts, effortsand in some cases, heart, in discussing plans, it will only confuse matters. Your best bet? Living one day at a time. Ask the individual in question for their views, and advice, regarding those issues. The rest will be easy. Now that things are clearer, review your attitude about these matters and, in fact, individuals in question.

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  4. It might be time for a change. True, these are exciting. Not only will the coming weeks be unexpectedly informative, some of what you learn will surprise you and other revelations could reshape your attitude about certain fundamental elements of your life. Knowing that, focus more on exploring your options and save making long term plans of any variety for later. The secret? Ask lots of questions.

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    Think twice before you make any promises, small or large. Ensure plans and promises are simple, and flexible. The trick is to proceed with plans or respond to offers but to avoid discussing it with the individuals in question. But not everyone has as flexible an attitude. Leave things to them. Since then, events have proved others right and, more importantly, piqued your interest. The next step? One of your greatest charms as a Gemini is your inquisitive nature.

    Planning ahead may be a virtue. Out of character as it is, back off, at least for now. As a Virgo, this is nothing new. For now, say nothing but, instead, do a little investigation. The fact is, others may have based their plans or actions on what were solid facts at the time which, since then, have changed. Being a strong-minded individual, you dislike it when others make decisions on your behalf.

    Their intentions may be good and, in fact, their expertise helpful. For you, as an inquisitive Sagittarius, plans are often the beginning of a journey of exploration. Let them. Whatever they do, those changes are inevitable. Long ago, you realised that not everybody cares as much about doing things right as you do.

    Still, you may wonder why certain individuals seem to be even less interested in details than usual. Actually, the issue is probably the retrograde Mercury, and the unpredictable events and confusion that comes with it. Planning ahead may have its virtues.