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Everyone wants to be different. But little do they realise that they already are unique, says Ganesha. Today, you may meet a lot of such different people at work, some of whom may even test your patience. Always remember that working in a team means balancing a variety of egos and opinions.

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Ganesha's advice for you today is to learn to deal with different belief systems, and not simply to look for a way to avoid conflicts. Professionalism will be overshadowed by personal preoccupations. Drill your way out of problems today by meeting them head-on.

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Don't get stuck up on the emotional front, especially in the evening, cautions Ganesha. Gear up to play the peace maker today! So expect to be put in charge of handling disputes among your subordinates at work today, hints Ganesha.

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Research work may slow to a crawl today, but the offshoot is that it's an auspicious day to enter into new contracts. You might want to arrange that bit of business over lunch.

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Good food has a tendency to lead to successful end of negotiations. Just don't forget to compliment the chef and leave a tip. Work pressure will keep on mounting today, predicts Ganesha. But you shall handle it with great style, all thanks to your patience.