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Which Zodiac Signs Are The Most (And Least) Compatible With Scorpio

But if they can figure it out, the compatibility and the make up sex will be fantastic! Scorpio is a water sign and Taurus is an earth sign. And although sometimes opposites attract, it may be difficult for these two to come together. Taurus male will find the mysterious Scorpio woman to be withholding and secretive. And they may also fight over control and this will be hard for either one to give up. When they argue, neither one will back down, it may hard for these two sun signs to ever forgive and forget.

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Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. The Scorpio woman will have to work hard to keep her Gemini man interested, as he likes to try new things. She will have to give him more freedom.

Scorpio & Aries

This will be true in and outside of the bedroom. Gemini male will find the Scorpio woman a bit too controlling and jealous. They are both intelligent and social creatures and share excellent zodiac compatibility. So if they can learn to understand each other they do have some common ground and enjoy going out together. Try The Karma Quiz Now!! The Cancer guy will create and provide a comfortable home which his Scorpio female will love to come home to. Although both tend to be moody, they may drive each other crazy with these swings especially Scorpio because she will think she controls hers better than Cancer.

But other than this, this is one of the better zodiac matches in the Zodiac with excellent love compatibility.

Scorpio Compatibility

The problem with fixed signs is that they can be set in their ways. These two will hit it off initially because they are both social and confident. They will have great sexual passion also. The other problem with these two sun signs is giving up control once in awhile. The Leo man likes to be King of the castle so his Scorpio woman will have to learn to let him take the reins once in awhile and to praise him for his capability if they are to last.

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She may find him slow rather than cautious. Scorpio likes to figure out her partner and know what he is thinking. She may not be able to do this with her Virgo man so she will have to learn to be patient and not get suspicious.

But Virgo is more thoughtful and conscientious so they should be able to overcome their difficulties. Test Now!

This is not a problem for the Libra Man as he does whatever is required to please his woman. But, let's be real here: They're the villain you also want to bang. If you're wondering whether or not a they'll reciprocate your love, these zodiac signs make the best matches for Scorpio : Taurus, Cancer, and Pisces.

Scorpio: Dates, Traits, & More |

While there's no astrological pair that isn't marked by their own beautiful and unique compatibility, there are simply certain zodiac signs who were made to fall in love with each other. Because Scorpio, a fixed water sign, carries a heart that can't help but overflow with passion, they're basically dripping with carnal romance wherever they go. Is it no wonder everyone wants to bang them so much? However, a Scorpio doesn't fall for just anyone.

What Are People of the Sign of Scorpio like?

After all, it takes someone very special to drag the scorpion away from their desert lair. And, if they do decide on you, you better prepare for a whirlwind. What is it about a hottie that you also can't stand? Even though their personality may frustrate you most of the time, there's something about them that's just so attractive.

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  • In astrology, there's nothing as intriguing as a pair of opposite signs who finally realize just how much they have in common. For Scorpio, this sign is Taurus. While Scorpio is flowing with fixed water, Taurus is cut from fixed earth. Both of these zodiac signs are serious about their commitments and if they find each other, you can bet they'll never give up on their love.

    However, Scorpio's love is made of deep, unwavering emotion that seems to flow from another world. Adversely, Taurus is concerned with what is tangible in the physical realm. Even though they may butt heads, it's fireworks when they set aside their differences.

    Of every sign in the zodiac sign, Cancer has got to be the most adorable match for Scorpio. Because both are ruled by the element water, they'll never have to worry whether or not their emotional needs are being understood. Water is sensitive, intuitive, and spiritual, and both Cancer and Scorpio exude these qualities flawlessly. However, while Pluto-ruled Scorpio has their sights on the dark side of life and can't help but feel fascinated by all things taboo, Cancer has softer concerns.