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Love love love the magical look and the content is inspiring, purchased mine already! Really Suberb podcast.

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Magic balance of personality and character. Technically very helpful and precise.

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Perceptive imagery and not shying or blushing from the nitty gritty I was though!! I just listened to this today and was mesmerized. I was born under Venus Rx. I ended my engagement on Friday 28th and got my IUD removed on the 1st. Back in nov I made the major choice of quitting my hormonal BC for good which subsequently led to my pregnancy the following February. However this time around I am not in a relationship. So I am very curious about the difference and especially about the surprise ending to this Rx.

Cecile, Mars went direct at that time.

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Mars will sever what it needs to, take action, be brave. Maybe the introspection of the Venus retrograde will have you thinking about just that, that it was good to cut loose from intimate relationship.

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I see Scorpio being very intimate and of course, all about sex. Again, whole chart and transits have to be considered. Best Wishes to you. On a political and social US agenda… Rise of the Matriarchy.. So much division in this country and the women will unite the people…Good talk..

Researchers at Oxford are studying parasites from medieval latrines to unlock secrets of human history. Having Venus Scorpio natally. Scorpio also correlates to Elimination! The Balance of the kidneys?? Skal elucidates the social history of the Horror genre. He discusses how it is not quite entirely psychologically cathartic — but inclines toward it…Quite a good study.

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Absolutely love the Thai Restaurant analogy!! I have heard that testosterone is responsible for sex drive even in women? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Astrology Podcast is a weekly show featuring discussions on technical, historical, and philosophical topics related to astrology, hosted by professional astrologer Chris Brennan. Patrons can get early access to new episodes, higher quality recordings, a private discussion forum, and more. Patreon supporters can also get access to a private monthly podcast where we talk about the most auspicious electional charts over the next few weeks:.

You can subscribe to the podcast for free via email, iTunes, or other mobile apps. See our subscription page for more information on how to subscribe. Austin is getting ready to teach a synodic cycles class, a Venus in Scorpio webinar, and organizing an event in Australia this November with Gordon White. Chris is adding a bunch of new interviews with different astrologers to his new course on how to become a professional astrologer. Chris is also just released his monthly horoscopes for October for each rising sign.

If you have the book you can get a discount on the Hellenistic astrology course by using the promo code HellenisticBookDiscount. Here is a description of the planner: The Magic Of I: Astrological Planner is a stunning full guide to an entire year of aligning to your potential, acceptance of the energy of each day, and validation of our intuitive experience. This slideshow requires JavaScript. Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit Email. Comments Jen says. October 1, at pm. Bette says. Just copy your unique referral URL and send it to your friends and we will pay you commission for every referral you make.

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