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Michel Simon Display his detailed horoscope and birth chart. Add to favourites 8 fans. Remove from favourites 8 fans. Henrietta Maria of France Display her detailed horoscope and birth chart. Biography of Henrietta Maria of France excerpt. Steeve Estatof Display his detailed horoscope and birth chart. Mary Cassatt Display her detailed horoscope and birth chart. Add to favourites 2 fans. Remove from favourites 2 fans. Maya Perez Display her detailed horoscope and birth chart.

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Emmanuel Todd Display his detailed horoscope and birth chart. Jerry Mathers Display his detailed horoscope and birth chart. Xavier Emmanuelli Display his detailed horoscope and birth chart. Oxford United Kingdom Display the detailed horoscope and birth chart. Event: Monday, June 14 , Julian cal. Gabriel Matzneff Display his detailed horoscope and birth chart. Horace Grant Display his detailed horoscope and birth chart.

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Add to favourites 6 fans. Remove from favourites 6 fans. Vincent Desagnat Display his detailed horoscope and birth chart. Marie Ndiaye Display her detailed horoscope and birth chart. Santo Versace Display his detailed horoscope and birth chart. Amy Shapiro Display her detailed horoscope and birth chart. Chris Carter Display his detailed horoscope and birth chart. Emily Robison Display her detailed horoscope and birth chart. Traci Bingham Display her detailed horoscope and birth chart. Pierre Loti Display his detailed horoscope and birth chart. Francesca Dellera Display her detailed horoscope and birth chart.

Jean-Patrick Capdevielle Display his detailed horoscope and birth chart. Biography of Jean-Patrick Capdevielle excerpt. Robert A. Millikan Display his detailed horoscope and birth chart. Xavier Darcos Display his detailed horoscope and birth chart. House in Sign. Advanced Search. Other Search Tools. Add to favourites no fan yet Remove from favourites no fan yet. Sunday, April 25 , Popularity :. Add to favourites 7 fans Remove from favourites 7 fans. Tuesday, October 21 , Saturday, March 16 , Add to favourites 4 fans Remove from favourites 4 fans. The board has not rcconv mended how additional state money should be raised but high- way department studies of the alternatives include one.

The women's committee, head- ed by Mrs. Jerry Callcn, Is in charge of decorations. For reservations or further in- formation,. But Dr. Angus McDonald — : Boise -school psychologist— says such youngsters are more like their classmates than different. Appointment of Dr. Baggs, 57, a vice president,- treasurer and colum- nist— for—the— McNnught-Syndl- cate; died Wednesday. More Chrystore ore on - the road than ever bofore. Today Chrysler dealers ore selling mors.

Chryslers than ever before. People are fln'dingTout that at their Chrysler-'. He can moke it easy f of you to move up. Tako Charge. SbaflT TttM. Twin Mli. IOi ikrn -aontlu. Princess Anne, " seems; Is learning to make idge. The students are foreign nationals in tJie'United States, an increasing number of whom, mostly from underdeveloped countries, are electing not to return home after completing their studies. They ore, in effect, dropping out of the intellectual and economic life of their native lands just when they have becomemost valu- able.

There are currently about , foreign students enrolled on U. Five years ago tho figure was 60, Making fudge was the" great tranquilizer long before females began gulping Miltown to soothe the Insecurity produced by a neighbor with a new mink coat. Any boy who has ever lived In the same house with three sisters will testify to the almost opiate effects obtained when a girl sets to It with sugar, chocolate and — In rich households — a sack of wnlnuts.

Ten minutes before, she may have been as a ravening tigress, protecting her bou- doir from the acrobatics of her brother! Some U. The results have been encouraging, but the leakage of highly skilled man- power continues to be a critical handicap td'the students' homelands— and an ironic and unlooked-for consequence of this country's-attempt to help underdeveloped -nations -help themselves.

Instead, she will address. This Is a little too much, of course, but under the sedative of her work It Is clear that she means well. Often, the younger brother was permitted to Hck-the-spoon,-and-If the stuff was really coming out well his sister might leave 'enoOgh for a gluttonous exploration of the pot; And, or course, the boy could help shell-tho-walnuts-and-pop-an occasionaLkerncl Into his bottomless maw with only sporadic, The boy recalled here had only one, minor, res- ervation concerning the periodic expeditions to the stove by his sisters.

Perversely— because, after all, they were women— they sometimes Insisted on making, a second-rate variety of fudge called penuche. However, be that as It may. Pot Shots While waiting forJhe. I saw a man stop , his car and walkover toward the -curb. He bent over to pick some- thing up and just then the object flew. It was a big rooster pheas- ant that had been crouched down next to the curb. The guy looked a little sheepish. I didn't know him; did anyone else see it? Mad, Buhl-Why not go see the ones you're mad at and get things straightened around?

George Romney of Michigan hasrgWHlrreason-lo-fool-a-' cocky, at least right now. At SS he is trim, ,5qua re-jawed, with an undaunted gaze. This is the strong, executive- type look. And he was a good executive when he was head of American Motors. He switched to polities' and this month was elected to his third term as gov- ernor.

A recent public opinion poll, which showed him more highly regarded than President John- son, said voters considered him a man of higher character, with one memorable news confer- ence made hash of it. Goldwatcr— in the campaign. He- didn't endorse the Arizc- nan. And recently Goldwatcr, while not closing the door-on the governor, said Romney has a "lot of homework to do with party- lendrs" to atone for fail- ing to endorse him.

If Romney moves Into the national scene, that he will show a tendency to m pel I i ng - moral-eve rtc He has refused so far to say whether ho will seek the Repub- lican presidential candidacy In although at tho moment he seems to be In front of the field of likely prospects. Rockefeller ar- ranged to meet at Dorado, Puerto Rico.

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Great U-S. How could bellwether AT. Countless millions who have a direct interest In today's market have never experienced this phenomenon. But there are no "new eras," although some-kind of "new era" Is al- ways claimed, and no "built-in" protections can of themselves change cruel losses Into gains when a bear market arrives and stocks show- their loalhesome Neanderthal zest to go down.

On Oct. But they do have one thing In con- mon. Both raised the red flag: bear market. Worse, where, oh, where are superpopular Roister Radio, Fox Film,. Any bull market is built on a great many Illusions. By February this year the sub- sequent bull market had a heart' attack. The" question Is: Where do wa' go from here? Llvcrmore used to say,. But It also looks bad on days It looks bad. Prices' a re. Then let a prime equity like General Mo- tors sell below Its previous low and a new discouragement con- tributes to the bear market. Ultimately, after numerous lusionary changes In the trend, tho beneficial force of earnings, yield and prospects begins to silently, very silently, assert it- scir.

The true blue chips grad- ually, gradually move upward market leadership as. In the market' lost lllff billion in the. The year's Dow-Jones Industrial Average's total travel, down and up, was? H points. A bene- ficial period of the doldrums us- ually precedes a sound upturn and three bellwethers led the advance: A.

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These three still contain the same great Im- plications. Prices, only prices, not opln- io ns, will have to prove- that the market Is over Its "heart at- tack. The little ones still hanker after" the past and occasionally their nostalgia for wholesale bloodletting runs away with. India and Pakistan had a dandy little ' war last year, getting to use up a lot of their surplus World War II weapons be- fore they rusted away.

The Arabs and Israelis, remembering the good times of -and , are hard put to confine themselves to occasional forays into each other's territory. But restrain. But, Annie, not too much penuche, please. We only have to look in the mirror to recognize him. According to Dr. William S. Condon — of-the-Univeraity-of-Pittsburgh-ColIege of Medicine, body, movements have a pattern that corresponds precisely to the speech pattern.

It's a combination of movements' fing fers, eyebgpws, wrists, feet etc. An em- phasis or "kick" in speech is accompan,- ied by a "kick" somewhere in'the body. Condon has been studying films of. In agriculture, the region Will double Its water needs within 10 years, according ,to a comprehensive report on farming trends In all parts of the United States. Farmers will, pump direct from wells or streams, llic iepoit "predicts, or establish pi i- vate-and- public -irrigation -projects.

Excessive streamflow during flood periods may be divert- ed Into underground storage areas from which the water can be pumped later for irrigation and other uses. The urgency to claim water will bring new, restrictive laws on water use: A shift of production of crops for processing from the heavily populated Willamette. V " and Puget Sound areas to the newly Irrii. Haw do you stop eating popcorn?

One example Is the war in Vict Nam. On this subject he hos. If not all the fore- casts within the realm of probability. Above all, the- look into the future. If- irrigation doubles in this region In 10 years, what will it do in 30 or years? World popula- tion growth Is not likely to stop within 10 years: the demand for food In this country and over- seas may well determine that the fertile lands of the Pacific. Or, COO-plus each year for every U. Congo River, blows itself into the shape of a ball - when frjghtcncd,.

So the thrifty na- lt. Now It Is people, too. The years's worst pun: Tony Curtis tells of the girl who stopped going with a guy be- cause she heard he- was a "no account bum. How thoughtful can a husband, get?.. Woll,-ono fallow - — -' give it to my wife -for Christ- mas," he explained. Finding parkmr. The world population h growing by 8, every hour. At this rate - earth's inhabitants, who totaled 3,3 billion in , by may number.. Edible pets: The - goldfish which Western peoples raise for Elcasurc have for centuries een raised by the Chinese for food: ; Worth remembering: """Yes, wc did produce a near perfect republic.

But, will they keep it, or will they, in the'enjoyment of plenty, lose the memory of free- dom? Material abundance. Forklore: It will bring bad luck to look In a mirror by can- dlelight. A girl who helps sew a mourning dress for a young widow will herself be soon married. He suggested Republican gov- ernors reach a consensus — Johnson's favorite word — or moving away from the dogmat- ic Ideology that characterized the 1B84 campaign. Romney, like so many other governors, talks tbaut the need Principle Is. Support of an Individual Presi- dential and Vice Presidential team depends upon many fac- tors and each individual must decide for himself, whether he Is a party leader, a precinct work- er or just a once-cvery-four- years ballot; dropper.

But support of a party's plat- forms and principles depends upon only one basic factor: do you agree or disagree '. At the same time he wants the federal government to hand back to the states Tor their needs, but without strings, in- come tax money. D, Q— what Is diabetic retinitis? How is it detected and how can It. A— This Is a patchy destruc- tion ot the retina that is seen in some Tcldcrly diabetics: An eye doctor or diabetic special- ist can see the lesions If he looks into the eye with a retinoscope.

The best. A re- cent report. Avoid sitting witn your legs crossed because this ham- pcra the- circulation is your feet. Avoid sitting for long pe- riods without walking around. When convenient sit with your feet elevated on a stool. How much sugar can I eat each -day? Your doctor can work out a diet for you that lakes Into ac- count the calorics supplied" not units, working for "society" and living In society's hive. In the election of , despite the lack of a clear confronta- tiqn, the direction of the two parties was as clear as ever.

The Democratic platform was collectivlst, written in terms of sacrifice of the Individual to the mass. The Republican platform was written in terms of tho in- dividual. The big Question In the Repub- lican Party, therefore, must in- volve whether a man picked one of those alternatives and sup- ported It beyond personality or Whether he stood on the side- lines. If his sidelines stand was to build some Imagined political advantage for himself, he sure- ly opens himself to other Jegiti- mate questions of values and Judgments, In neither Instance Is there solely a auestion of personality.

It Is not important whether any fellow Republican. Would this cause my breathing to slow down? A— This la. Mi— j, position toward personalities. Work-Day Meet Slated Sunday. A potluck. Walter Stockhnm, noble grand, to have all work mater- ials ready or the work day. Appointed In charge of the din- ner hour, to begin at p. Glen firlght-and Mrs. Raymond Suffa, and to' shop for[ paint and new linoleum are Mrs. Orlando Jacobsen and Mrs. Belle Qunry, noble grand;. Nolan Cooper, vice grand: Mrs. Raymond Lancaster, secretary; Mrs. Edward Otton, financial secretary, and Mrs. Jack Gocckner, treasurer.

Officers will be elected at the next regular meeting. A program, arranged by Mrs. Nlccum, wns presented. Roy Bishop read an article concerning the Thanksgiving season and a Thanksgiving poem. Committee reports were Slven. Parr and Mrs. Marian Martin Pattern. Kenneth Naylor led the lesson study, "Food' for the Journey" and Robert McNeil, the pastor, gave the communion to the members at — t he— Woman? Nqylor was assisted fn th e lesson. Is Engaged fo7 John W. Roy Smart, Gooding, Is an- nounced by.

Patrick Mullarkcy, New York City. Miss Mullarkcy wns. He is employed with the Automatic Fire Alnrm Co. An October wedding Is plan- ned. Donald Worth- fngton, Mrs. William Sugg, Mrs. FM Nelson, Mrs. Robert Mahoney and"Mrs. ODech'Red- man, the chapters social com- mittee. Games were directed by the social committee. Prizes were awarded to Worthington, Ran- som Brown. Joseph Adams, Mrs. Sticrrall Warner, Mrs. Cleo Cheney, Mrs.

Other guests besides the hus- bands were Mr. Clyde Bowers nnd r Mr. The chapters regular meeting will be held Dec. Jay Perry, with- Mrs. Redman as co-hostess. Ralph Nelson gave an opening meditation, ' "Friend- ship Windows. A potluck din- ner will be at noon and the meeting will start at a. WSCS members will help Cleanup a nousc ior,a mcmocr who is relurh!

United Churches Program. Clothing will bo collected for a shipment next spring. A report was given on the bazaar and dinner held recent- ly. The group voted to pay the missionary pledge and other pledges to conference. Kluttz was' elected secretary to replace a member who Is ill. Letters were sent to all col- lege students in' the parish stat- ing that a magazine has been put Into the college libraries for their use.

Identification cards will be given to all college stu- dents. The next meeting dato Is set for a week earlier than sched- uled because of Christmas rush. It 'will 'be' Dec. The circle. Thomas Stcclsmith. Hostesses were Mrs. John Nelson, Mrs. Austin Moore and Mrs. Reynolds, Gooding, announce tho engagement of their daugh- ter, Judith S..

Twin Falls, to Steve B. Porch, son of Mr. Charles S. Porch, Great Falls, Mont. A June wedding Is planned. O'rville Sackett received a gift. Rcld New- by was hostess to members of the Tyro Bridge Club at an eve- nine dessert. There were four tables In play. Guests were -Mrs Elva Knowlcs,' Mrs. Charles Borden, Mrs. Norvnl Rutherford, Mrs. Churchman and Mrs. Dap rcl Lehman. Prizes were won by Mrs. Marx Nielsen, Mrs. Joseph Pagonga, Mrs. Richard Oneida and Mrs. Monday at tho home of Mrs. George Young. Bisewcll, presl- Homemade Mayonnaise Rinse a- mixing bowl In very hot water and dry thoroughly.

N-S6, Bull. Robtfrtson and Mrs. Howard Glbbs will give the foreign mission otter- ing emphasis! A and Dec. An Interest center was plan- ned ami-Mrs. Hazel Bucking- ham reported that posters have been placed In all Sunday School class rooms and In the church foyer. Those who have already earned their leadership' cards were re- minded that they must renew one. Wayne Stacker, mission study chairman, will assign por- tions of next quarter's mission study book to various members for presentation to the group.

Thanksgiving 'avors were merit; for a. Finish by beating In another one-half tca- i-vlnegar, Note: This mayonnaise puts a halo on salads and It can be used as the basis for other salad dressings. Ernie Davis at 8 p. Saturday at the Jerome Moose Hall. All square dancers arc welcome to attend. Those attending are ask- ed to bring a potluck dish and their own table service. Note the front detail that suggests. Empire look, pret- ty blouse. Size 6 Jumper 1 yard H-fnch; blouse. Fifty cents In coins for- each pattern — add 15 cents for each pattern for first-class mailing and specfal handling.

Send tc Marian Martin, Times-News 39! Pattern Dept. Print - name, address with zip, size and stylo number. Send SOc. Roger Thomas, vice regent, in charge of activities. Opal Swcazcn Allen. Larscn won tho mystery prize. Robert Chapman, pro- gram chairman, gave two. Alien s research clung to the authentic facts as she fol- lowed the very route of the Whitmans, using as guides In her research the letters and journals of Mrs.

Two new DAR members. Frank N. Palmer and Mrs. Puddy, were- Introduced- and welcomed. Includes carpeting and drapes. Venise 'lace outlines the hemline and sleeves of this 'linen-look" goWn. The detachable panel train is appliqued with floral motifs. In candlelight or white. Our ex-. Attention Brides-to-be: The Mayfalr has a -gift-for : you-r-. Phone Sunday: sum. V, Chrlitlan College Sunday: a. Bible class. Wednesday: 7 p.

Rev, Rob Laughlln, paitor Phone ' Sunday: 9a. Bible study. Wednesday: p. Jack Foreman, pastor Phone Sunday 10 , a. Delmnr M. Talley, minister Office , borne North at Maple Street Rev. Phone Sunday: 10 a. Jerome T. OlConnor, pastor Phone Sunday: 6 and 10 a. Richard Horn, pastor Phono Sunday: a. Sunday school. II ajn. Wedne sday:" p. Wednesday: 8 p. Home B3 Sunday: a. Phone tfs-Eg Rev. Henry Trclt, pastor Poplar- Phono Sunday: n. John Sears, minister Sunday: a. Prayer meeting. Satterwhlte, pastor -. Thursday: 8-p.

Wednsdoy: 7 p. Holy days: 7, 9, p. Dally: 7 a. Saturdays: p. Bishop Ralph. Rasmusscn Office , Home Sunday: "' a. Glen Parish, outer Sunday: 10 a. Wednesday: ; 8 p. Johnston, pastor - Off lee , home Sunday: 9 a. Johnston, pastor Phono Sunday: 30 a. Harold "Wikox Office , borne Sunday: 10 a. Sunday school, II a. Frank Horst, paster" North St. Phono Sunday: day scUool,-ll-tt.

Royden Schweitzer, pastor Phono Sunday: 10 a. Evening service. Wed- nesday: 8 p. Page, bishop Phono 71W Sunday: a. Priesthood meeting. Phone Rev. AUcn Rccsor, pastor 5lh, Flier. Wednesday: 8.

Mid- week prayer service. Blades, pastor Route 4rJero"me7Phone ' Sunday: 10 a. Thursday: 8 p. Thursday: 10 a. Edward V, Hargrcaves ' Phone Sunday: a. James F. Holt, minister Phone Sunday: 10 a. Church service. Method Kern Phone Sunday: 11 a.

Wed- nesday: p. Eric Jungbnucr East Croy.

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Phone Sunday: a. Ave, E. Bernard McBride, pastor Phono — Sunday: 8, 10 a. Russell King Sunday: a. Francis DcNardls Sunday: a. Sat- urdays: 4 to 5 p. Weekday masses. Satur- day: - B p. Fred Pickett, vicar Malcon Stuart Sr. Winfrey, pastor Phone Sunday: a. John Garrabrandt, pastor Office , home ' Sunday: a. GeoTge Barnhart, pastor Office , home Sunday: a.

Cleveland SL. L ewjsJPj!. Clark, bishop Sunday: 9" a. Sac- rament. Alva E. Gilbert, pastor E. Phono Jay S. Sunday' school, 5 p. Stone Opening - jpn - Good Morning World! Ending - eng - LIFE. Duck Dodgers Opening - eng - Duck Dodgers. Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? Opening - jpn - Onegai Muscle. Opening - jpn - Little Explorer. Opening - jpn - emotional flutter. Eiga K-On! Ending - jpn - Singing! Elfen Lied Opening - lat - lilium Ending - jpn - be your girl. Endride Opening - jpn - Limit.

Ending2 - jpn - Natsu-iro Koi Hanabi. Sense of Wonder Opening3 - jpn - ft. Opening4 - jpn - R. Fairy Tail Ending2 - jpn - Happy Tale. Fake Opening - jpn - Everybody! Shake It Buddy! Fantasista Doll Opening1 - jpn - Ima yo! Opening - jpn - Wonder Stella Ending1 - jpn - Happening diary. Fight Ippatsu! Opening1 - jpn - Charge Opening2 - jpn - Charge. Final Fantasy Other - und - Chocobo's Theme. Fit's Commercial - jpn - Kamun Nyan.

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