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Disha is neutral. But for dish awe need to analyse the surname or last name to know what vibration the full name has. Hi My daughter is born on Please let me know , which name is lucky for her. Hi… My name is chandramuni vitthal sawant is it lucky or not my date of birth is 13 november His Dob is 1st march Please let us know if any name correction required. Hi my baby name is Lasya silampur , pet name lulu DOB jan Birth place Bangalore.

I read TOI article today. My baby boy born on We are finalizing name Thanmay Raj S. Does this name is lucky. Where as my first son DOB. What number comes for this name and what it predicts?

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Hi My sons name are Dhruv bisht and Daksh bisht born on 21 sept and 23 sept respectively,r there names lucky for them and I wanted to change the younger one name to Kabeer will that suit him and My name is mansi bisht will i be able to pursue any career. HiI am blessed with a baby girl on Jan 27, at We want to keep her name by letter A or L.

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The name that we have shortlisted is Aashvi. Pls let us know your views and suggestions. We are open for other names with letter A or L also. Kindly suggest if any corrections required. Is this correct name or not, or shall i change it!. Please help me to know about it… Thank u. Hi My daughter is born on we. Would like to name her Ishanvi.

Please let me know , which name is lucky for her as per the date of birth Nakshathra is Bharani. She already had some hospitalization, so worried of her health.

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My son born on pm in karnataka, vijayapur India. Will this name give him health, wealth,name,fame, success in his life? Please suggest me mam. My daughter DOB is on 5th Feb Could u suggest us the lucky name? Which letter should be the first? Pl help us. My daughter is born on N Bhavishnavi. N Bhavitanya. N Bhavika.

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Hi My son born on 8th of March Thanks for your comment and interest. Please use below link for an appointment with Sheelaa M Bajaj. My daughter birth date is My Niece name is Anwitha. Is this name is lucky? Any problems in future? Please tell me. How lucky is his name. Recently he met with an accident, many people are advising me to change his name.

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Hi i am blessed with baby boy on Please suggest me the which alphabet name is suitable for him. Is it the right choice? Could you please suggest on this. Thank you. Baby Name Numerology. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that they opt for the best name for their child which not only sounds right but also sums up right.

We can suggest names which have a good numerological value. Choosing the Best Baby Name using Numerology Your name is the result of your deeds done by you in your past life. Find a harmonious vibration between name and date of birth Numerology has every letter associated with a number, and the vibration is calculated based on the numerology value of the alphabet and verified with phonics. The pronunciation of the sound and its vibration.

The name is also calculated based on energy vibrations and is verified using instruments. Right Place To Get the Number Perfect Baby Name If you want to give the best future to your child, then the first step that you need to take in this direction is to opt for the correct baby name. Now things begin to speed up. Unlike last month, you now feel full of energy and enthusiasm. In fact, you're impatient to start new projects, and must guard against impulsive decisions.

Your career and financial affairs are the areas of your life that require the most attention. There are great opportunities as well as potential dangers. This is the year marked by opposites: times when everything seems to go your way, and other times when it seems the rug has been pulled out from under you.

February gives the first indication of what this year will bring but, more importantly, it challenges you to put your best foot forward, to show what you are made of. February may begin with a challenge. You may have to confront one of your biggest fears, but that is likely followed by an opportunity to put that fear to rest once and for all. Courage, determination, and inner strength are the needed ingredients that will make this a successful month and a profitable year. The year can be characterized by the old carrot-and-stick metaphor: February reveals the carrot -- the prize you can obtain -- but it also shows the pitfalls and dangers; in short, the stick.

Relationships are favorable in all areas of your life this month. Co-workers show support, friends tell you how much they admire you, relatives make it clear they have confidence in you, and your lover makes you feel you deserve the best. It awakens you to many of the underlying factors that influence your career and personal life. You are highly intuitive now, experiencing strange and vivid dreams and gaining insights that border on psychic premonitions. At the same time, you continue to be vulnerable in the emotional area.

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  • Any kind of criticism can devastate you. You should avoid confrontations.

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    Romance is powerful now as well; you see and hear and feel more fully than usual, which brings an added intensity to the experience of love. You are now in a position where you can gain considerable understanding of the motivations and desires that influence you, as well as others. This is an important and valuable time, because you are learning much about the true nature of human beings, including yourself. The challenge here is to see yourself and others in a spiritual light, with love and forgiveness. Some people who go through this particular cycle experience bitterness and anger.

    For others, this cycle brings faith and gratitude. For everyone, the impressions are lasting. It brings objective reasons for optimism. Now there is a sense of promise in the year. You see your direction a little clearer -- there is a sense of beginning. This causes you to lighten up and become more social, especially during the latter part of the month. People are attracted to your upbeat attitude, and you attract support from unexpected sources. A new project ignites your excitement, energy and motivation, all of which you are able to communicate to others. The real work doesn't start until next month, and for that reason, this month offers some time for planning, as well as leisure and rest. You are quick-witted and your sense of humor is enhanced now. Friends are drawn to you and there will be plenty of invitations for social events.

    Romance is exciting and promising as well. Your self-expression is improved and you feel more comfortable talking about your feelings, your expectations and your dreams. You will realize early this month that progress depends upon your willingness to work diligently and remain focused on details.

    You feel capable and confident, but as your effort increases -- and the hours pile up -- you may become frustrated with the slow response of others. Keep your nose to the grindstone, and if necessary, put in overtime. Don't try to dodge the bullet; bite down on it and keep going. Meanwhile, be willing to cooperate, listen to others, and tactfully communicate your convictions, as well as your doubts. This is an excellent month to improve your financial position, particularly through better management. Through your consistent and patient effort, a raise or profitable business deal is also in the cards.

    Relationships tend to be a little shaky for most of this month, though.

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    You may be somewhat irritable and lack patience as a result of stress and emotional turmoil in your work environment. Maintaining a well-ordered environment and avoiding procrastination will help you bypass much emotional stress. It will bring changes, excitement and perhaps some upheaval. You may move, travel or go on an unexpected trip. Carefully prepared plans confront events and people you had not expected. Those who are flexible and not afraid of changes will enjoy this month, but those who rigidly try to stick to expectations and refuse to adapt will experience a difficult time in which almost nothing works out, no matter how hard you try.

    This is a month to allow the forces of nature to guide your ship. Despite these disruptions, do not give in to impulsiveness or irresponsibility. Make the plans you can; adhere to them as well as possible, but be flexible. Love is exciting, adventurous and playful this month. You uplift your partner and reveal your deeper self.