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Best free daily, weekly, monthly zodiac sign horoscopes about love and life according to astrology, tarot cards, runes and celestial events for Aries, Taurus.

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I customize a programme just for you. On-line or Camden, North London - 3 Sessions minimum email: zoehind7 gmail. Includes your chart graphic with full MP3 recording of the session for you to keep. Take a look at your birth chart and the best use of your energies for the year ahead. To book: Simply email your details - time, date, city and country of birth - to zoehind7 gmail. Includes Free Tarot Session time 1 hour Can be bought with:.

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Discover your Personal Power Numbers and how to work with them to live a more harmonious life. Discover the Soul Essence of your Sun sign A special information pack for each Zodiac sign designed to help you to work more deeply with your sign - Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually including:. Comes with pdf notes. Can be bought in combination with my Woodland Scent Made for oil burner or can be diluted in water and used as a room spray. Please purchase through Zodiac Incense Blends link above.

What is in the stars for ? During this talk you will learn about the major aspects and power dates of Explore the planetary energies of the coming year and how to harness them for a more harmonious and expansive life. Learn this ancient technique to cleanse and harmonize any space using elements, crystals, sacred objects and more.

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Great for selling a house or moving to a new one, the office the garden and anywhere that you spend regular time. The mills of the gods grind exceedingly slow, but they grind exceedingly fine. Each house represents a department of life, the signs are divisions of the heavens which by their placement relative to the houses indicate our basic temperament and attitude towards life, and the planets are the messengers of God which by their motion through the houses and signs bring to us the opportunities for soul growth which we need for our individual development.

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Think of the planets as representing the players in a play. The signs, then, would describe the role that each player has and how he expresses his character, the houses represent the various settings of the play and the angular relationships between the planets, the aspects, represent the plot of the play. Each planet has a characteristic energy.

That energy can be expressed either positively or negatively. The way that energy is expressed is determined by the aspects of the other planets to that particular planet. The horoscope shows tendencies only. It is a matter for you to determine how any planetary position will work itself out.

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